We are one of the few companies that keep in stock all natural essential oils and hydrosols in organic and conventional series. All our products have an optimal level of traceability, which will guarantee you trouble-free work.

As a company operating in the organic industry, we are guided by the highest FairPlay standards. We pay fairly and honestly and work in a way that does not harm nature.

This is especially valuable when our oils are used in organic products or those with high social responsibility.

We are one of India’s largest producer and supplier of Organic and pharmaceutical essential oils (Bulgarian rose oil , lavender, chamomile, etc), Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (Esculin, Escin, Galantamine, Glaucine) and dry plant extracts. We are keeping the traditions of essential oil production, adding investment in modern Organic and GMP facilities to guarantee the best quality in respect with all actual regulatory requirements.

Our flexible commercial solutions together with the fast delivery and the year round availability of our products makes Essential Oils Wholesaler a preferred supplier to some of the largest fragrance, cosmetic and pharmaceutical manufacturers in Europe, Japan, North and South America, Asia and Australia. 

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