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Exotic Absolute Oils for Wholesale 

‘Essential Oils Wholesaler’ proudly presents its collection of exotic absolute essential oils manufactured in India. We offer 100% pure and natural floral absolutes like rose, jasmine, tuberose absolutes, along with precious oils of myrrh, black tea and many more. 

We manufacture all our products using tried-&-tested traditional methods. Raw materials of the finest quality are used for the extraction process. We are recognized as a trusted supplier in the industry. We export to many countries like the USA, UK, India, Australia New Zealand and many more. 

What are Absolute Oils? 

Oil Absolutes are concentrated essences obtained from flowers or herbs. They are different than essential oils because they are directly extracted without any distillation. Thus, more quantity of raw materials is required for making the same amount of this oil.  

Their aroma is quite similar to their original plant source. They are extensively used in Aromatherapy, Cosmetics, and Perfumery. 

So, explore our authentic oils and buy in bulk online.

Select the one which is best suited for your needs.