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Pure Hydrosols/Floral Water for Wholesale 

‘Essential Oils wholesaler’ offers 100% pure & organic-certified hydrosols and flora water manufactured in India. Our products are obtained from all-natural raw materials and traditional methods are used for their production. Our clients are from more than 50 nations including Australia, USA, UK, etc. 

They are used for making perfumes, cosmetics, body spray, and many skincare products. One of the most popular floral water is of Rose (Gulab Jal), which is our most-selling product out of all. ‘Purity is our Priority’ is what we promise and deliver to our International buyers. That is the reason for our success and recognition as the top supplier and exporter in the industry. 

What are Hydrosols? 

Hydrosols are extracted from different parts of a plant such as its flowers, leaves, barks, etc. They are produced during the same process of extracting essential oils. In ancient times, only hydrosols are produced during the distillation process, not the oils. They are much less concentrated and can be directly applied to the skin. 

It can be called ‘floral water’ only if the flowers of the plant are used in the manufacturing news.

Explore the purest hydrosol available for wholesale and buy them in bulk online.