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Organic Spice Oils for Wholesale 

‘Essential Oils Wholesaler’ offers pure & natural spicy essential oils of the finest quality. We are a reputed supplier and exporter from India. Our clients are from many countries around the world like the USA, UK, India, Japan, etc. They prefer us over other wholesalers because of our authentic products and excellent service. 

All our products are manufactured at our facility in India. The raw spices we use for production are sourced from different parts of the South-Asian subcontinent. India contributes to about 70% of the trade of these oils. Most popular spicy oils are Cardamom, Saffron, and Cinnamon. They are used in many industries such as cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical, etc. 

What are Spice Oils? 

Spice oils are similar to essential oils, but they are extracted from leaves or seeds of rare and precious spices, by the steam distillation method. These oils are the same volatile liquids present in their sources, which provide the fragrance to that particular spice. These have a strong unique aroma and are a part of many everyday items we use, for adding a rich flavor and/or fragrance to them.

So, explore our collection of authentic spicy oils. Buy in bulk online.

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