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Cardamom Essential Oil


Botonical Name: Elettaria Cardamomum
CAS #: 8000-66-6
Country of Origin: India
Color & Odor: pale yellow & balsamic in fragrance
Solubility: Soluble in alcohol and other organics solvents and insoluble in water.
Specific Gravity: 0.921 to 0.936
Optical Rotation: +22° to +41°
Refractive Index: 1.4620 to 1.4680
Flash Point: 138F
Major Constituents: 1:8; Cineol,a- Terpinyl Acetate
Extraction Method:Steam Distillation

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About Cardamom Essential Oil:

Sweet, warm, fruity and spicy with woody aroma, cardamom has been appreciated as a medicinal and aromatic resource, particularly in ancient Indian and Egyptian cultures. Today, there are many studies available on cardamom essential oil which reveal the significance of it in medical, perfumery and other industries.


The exotic characteristics of cardamom essential oil makes it a key component of aphrodisiac oil blends.

How is Cardamom Essential Oil Derived?

Cardamom essential oil is extracted using steam distillation of seeds of the cardamom dry fruit. The produces cardamom oil has a warm and balsamic aroma and is clear to pale yellow in color.

Cardamom essential oil (Elettaria cardamomum) comes from the ginger family, and is extracted using steam distillation of seeds of the cardamom dry fruit. These seeds undergo a long drying process of 2 to 3 months before distillation in order to to get the best levels of chemical constituents possible.

FAQs Related to Cardamom Essential Oil:

Can I Apply Cardamom Oil on Skin?

Yes, Cardamom essential oil can be applied topically but it must be diluted with some carrier oils first.

What does cardamom smell like?

Cardamom oil have a subtle scent and flavouring agent with mild spicy, rich, sweet, a bit woody aroma with hint of fennel or anise.

Why Cardamom Oil is so expensive?

After Saffron and Vanilla, Cardamom is one of the most expensive spice oil available. This is majorly because the cardamom oil is extracted from dry seeds of cardamom herb which needs to be harvested by hand. Moreover, the cardamom seeds undergo time consuming drying process of around 3 months. These factors increases the overall cost of produced oil.

What do you use cardamom for?

There are several applications of Cardamom. It works as breath freshener, used in ayurvedic and modern medicines, aromatherapy and perfumery.

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Additional information

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Health Benefits

Among the several health benefits of cardamom essential oil, we have listed the some hereinafter:

  • Cardamom oil is considered highly effective in curing muscular and respiratory spasms.
  • It also boosts digestion by stimulating the whole digestive system. 
  • Its therapeutic characteristics can also help boost metabolism by stimulating your entire body system.
  • Cardamom essential oil has a warming effect which can be helpful in certain health conditions such as headache, diarrhea etc.
  • Cardamom oil has an arousing effect that can help treat sexual weakness. 


Ways to Use Cardamom Essential Oil

Massage Oil: Name of Cardamom oil comes in top list when it comes to picking the best essential oils to make massage oils blends.

The beautiful, warm and soothing aroma of cardamom relaxes body and mind. This can be mixed with sweet almond oil for warm ayurvedic and sensual massage blend.


When consumed through aromatherapy diffuser, Cardamom essential oil will improve breathing  and make you feel lighter by reducing lung discomfort.


Cardamom oil is considered as an excellent perfume ingredient for its warm, sweet, and spicy aroma and amazing blending characteristics. The oil easily gets along with most of other essential oils and carrier oils.

For example – You can blend Cardamom essential oil with rose essential oil (rose damascena) and sandalwood for exotic natural scent.

Safety Considerations

  • Cardamom Oil is non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing.
  • Do not consume the oil internally.
  • For pregnant women and children, consult with your doctor before use.


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