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Hyacinth Floral Absolute Oil

  • Botanical Name: Hyacinthus orientalis 
  • CAS#: 2230630 
  • Color & Odor: reddish brown viscous liquid with green odour 
  • F.E.M.A. #: No 
  • Methods of Extraction: Solvent Extraction 
  • Constituents: Benzyl alcohol, benzaldehyde 
  • Solubility: Soluble in alcohol, insoluble in water 
  • Specific Gravity: 1.03700 to 1.04200 @ 15.00 °C 
  • Flash Point: 100 C 
  • Optical Rotation: (-.044) to ( -1.12) 
  • Major Constituents: Benzyl alcohol, benzaldehyde 


Hyacinthus orientalis Is native to southwestern Asia. It has a very wonderful aroma because of that it is widely used in perfumery.  

How it is extracted?  

Hyacinth floral absolute oil is obtained from the Hyacinthus orientalis flower. It is extracted by the process of the solvent extraction method.  

How does it smell like?  

It has a sweet and floral aroma.  

Which oil does it blend well with?  

This oil blends well with ylang-ylang essential oil, Peppermint essential oil, and jasmine essential oil.  

Hyacinth oil is Known for?  

Hyacinth oil is Known for its powerful smell, which makes it useful in perfumery and scents. It has a calming effect which helps in calming the mind and body.  

Uses and benefits:  

  • This oil helps in treating wounds.  
  • It is widely used in perfumery and making a luxurious scent.  
  • This oil is also good for skin as it has anti-bacterial property which protects skin from diseases.  
  • It also nourishes dry hair makes hair healthy.  
  • This oil provides relief from stress.  
  • It is also used in aromatherapy 

Some Safety measures everyone has to keep in mind before using this oil:    

  • Do not use this oil in excessive quantity.      
  • Perform a small skin test in case of any skin allergy.    
  • Pregnant ladies should not use it.    
  • Keep it out of reach of children.      
  • Do not apply it to the eyes.      

Where to buy Hyacinth floral absolute oil wholesale?     

Buy it from us, essential oils wholesaler. We manufacture pure and organic certified Hyacinth floral absolute oil at our manufacturing unit based in Kannauj, India. We offer 100% pure natural oil to our clients globally. 


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