Surprising Benefits and Uses of Cypriol(Cypress) Essential Oil

About Cypriol oil Cyperus scariosus R.Br. is the botanical name of Cypriol oil. Cypriol essential oil is extensively used as a gastrointestinal tonic and help in improving digestion. The plant is a tiny grass-like herb and is grown all around the globe including southern & eastern region of Indian subcontinent and certain regions of Banglade...
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Rose Absolute V/s Rose Essential Oil – How They Are Different?

With the craze of using the essential oils, lots of us wish to buy the oils of different types and fragrances. It is a good thing if you have decided to dabble into the fragrances of essential oils as there are many benefits of using essential oils. You have two options. One, you can go on a buying spree like a naive person or two, you can g...
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How is Frankincense Essential Oil Made? – Extraction Method

What is Frankincense Essential Oil? Frankincense oil, also referred to as Boswellia carterii or olibanum is extracted from the milky white latex that comes out of the Frankincense tree. Once the tree’s sap droplets are dried up and are solidified on the tree, in the end they are scraped off to prepare an essential oil. How is Frankincense Essent...
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