Rose Absolute V/s Rose Essential Oil – How They Are Different?
Rose Absolute V/s Rose Essential Oil – How They Are Different?
Difference Between Rose Absolute and Rose Essential Oil

With the craze of using the essential oils, lots of us wish to buy the oils of different types and fragrances. It is a good thing if you have decided to dabble into the fragrances of essential oils as there are many benefits of using essential oils.

You have two options. One, you can go on a buying spree like a naive person or two, you can gain enough knowledge of the essential oils and then when you go to buy the oils you know exactly which one you want to buy.

Here we are going to bring you the difference between the rose absolute and Rose essential oil. Both are the product of rose petals and you can find them as rose oil. Most of the times, people confuse between both.

The basic difference between the rose Otto and rose absolute is that of the method of extraction as explained below. Apart from that, there is also a difference in the texture, colour, and fragrance.

Rose Absolute – Key Features & Method of Extraction

Some people do not consider rose absolute as the original rose oil because it undergoes a chemical process for its extraction. In it, the rose petals are put in a drum with hexane and it is rotated.

This separates the aroma. When this hexane completely evaporates the thick rose concrete in the form of wax and oil is left. Then ethanol alcohol is used to separate the wax and the oil and it leaves behind rose absolute. The colour of rose absolute is almost dark red.

Applications of Rose Absolute?

This oil is generally used in the perfumes because the fragrance is quite similar to the real rose flower. You can tell the difference between rose absolute and Rose Otto by the colour and fragrance. It is also thicker in texture.

Rose Essential Oil – Key Characteristics and Method of Extraction

Rose Otto is called as the real rose essential oil because the process of extraction does not use any chemical. In this process, the rose petals are put into the drum with water and heated. This releases the rose oil.

Then the combination of essential oil and steam is passed through a cooling process and the rose oil comes to the surface. This oil is called the Rose Otto. It is the purest form of rose oil. Being original rose oil it is yellowish in colour. 

Applications of Rose Essential Oil

This oil is used in aromatherapy because it is free of any chemicals and hence trusted by aromatherapists for using it as a medicine. Rose Otto has a lighter fragrance in comparison to rose absolute.

Price Comparison Between Rose Essential Oil and Rose Absolute

Bulgaria, Morocco, India, Iran, and Turkey are few of the countries that are called the hub of the rose flower beds which are used to make essential oils and exported worldwide. The rose oil is expensive because it takes a large number of rose flowers to produce a little amount of essential oil.

If you take the same amount of rose petals, it would produce more rose absolute and less rose essential oil. This is one more important difference between the two. 

Once you are clear about the differences and the usage between the two you can choose which oil will suit your requirements and will be beneficial for you to buy.

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