Surprising Benefits and Uses of Cypriol(Cypress) Essential Oil
Surprising Benefits and Uses of Cypriol(Cypress) Essential Oil

About Cypriol oil

Cyperus scariosus R.Br. is the botanical name of Cypriol oil. Cypriol essential oil is extensively used as a gastrointestinal tonic and help in improving digestion.

The plant is a tiny grass-like herb and is grown all around the globe including southern & eastern region of Indian subcontinent and certain regions of Bangladesh.

These plants can easily be spotted near marshy lands, waterfalls and around rivers. Throughout the world, there are approximately 700 species of Cyperus genus, with 60 of them being in India.

In China, the Cyperus plants were well-known for its robust and lovely aroma and are used for colognes etc. Cypriol oil has amazing health benefits and according to researchers the oil contains approximately 21 chemical compounds.

Some of its health benefits encompass keeping the skin glowing, relaxing the mind, improving stomach health, removing toxins from the body along with many others.

What are the Key Properties of Cypriol Essential Oil?

  • Cypriol oil is available in golden yellow to dark brown colour. The colour can sometimes even be amber
  • The viscosity of Cypriol oil is thick
  • Cypriol oil smells woody, earthy, and spicy

What are the Health benefits of Cypriol Essential Oil?

The healing properties of Cypriol essential oil consist of:

Health benefits Description
Spasmolytic  Relaxes muscle spasm
Laxative  Assists in improving digestive system
Immunostimulant  Improves the immune system
Hypotensive  Keeps the blood pressure under control
Hepatic  Controls the liver function
Carminative  Eases stomach pain and ballooning
Calmative  Sedative, soothing agent
Astringent  Tightens or contracts tissues
Antiseptic  Destroys bacteria and prevents the body from allergens
Antioxidant  Prevents oxidation
Anti-inflammatory  Lessens inflammation
Antifungal  Stops fungal growth
Antidepressant  Lessens depression
Anti-bacterial  Stops bacterial growth
Anthelmintic  Keeps away intestinal parasites
Analgesic  Decreases pain sensation
 Antimicrobial  Stops microorganism growth

Mixing the Cypriol oil

The best blends of Cypriol oil are prepared with the following oils:

Ylang Ylang oil Geranium oil Patchouli oil
Vanilla oil Clary Sage oil Neroli oil
Tangerine oil Cinnamon oil Myrrh oil
Sandalwood oil Cedarwood oil Jasmine oil
Rose oil Cassia oil Grapefruit oil
Black Pepper oil Bergamot oil

Uses of Cypriol oil

Cypriol oil is advantageous in numerous aspects when used correctly. Since the oil is extremely concentrated or powerful, it should be used carefully.  Below mentioned are a few uses of Cypriol oil:

  • Aromatherapy: Cypriol oil has anearthy and spicy fragrance with touch of cedar, cinnamon, and frankincense. Since, the smell of Cypriol oil is strong it is advisable to use a diffuser or vaporizer to diffuse the oil at all times. Be careful that the oil is not spread in an overcrowded place.
  • Topical usage: In its concentrated form, Cypriol oil can be lethal and a skin irritant. It is recommended that the oil must be used in small quantity by blending it with an appropriate carrier oil such as almond oil, coconut oil, or jojoba oil – the blend should be applied onto the skin, and not the Cypriol oil directly.
  • Other Applications of Cypriol essential oil: Also, as Cypriol oil nourishes the hair, we recommend readers to mix a few drops of Cypriol oil with adequate amount of biological coconut oil prior to using it on the scalp. The oil works miracles when used in the bathing water in a small amount

Avoid consumption of Cypriol oil

Cypriol oil is not for consumption – the oil can be lethal if consumed. It is recommended to consult a doctor if an individual by mistake consumes the oil. Certain narrations suggest using Cypriol oil, blended with coconut oil,for rinsing the mouth, however, we wouldn’t vouch for this ever. Saying it again, Cypriol oil is not meant for consumption!

Important Facts About Cypriol (Cypress) Essential Oil

Cypriol oil is a rare essential oil that has not been satisfactorily acknowledged in the aroma healing world. This oil has a rich, woody, and somewhat spicy aroma. The aroma of Cypriol oil has numerous benefits, however, the oil can prove fatal if consumed. The aroma boosts digestion and can act as an appetizer.

The oil when rubbed on the stomach aids in stimulating the digestion process. Additionally, the oil also kills abdominal worms and controls motion sickness. Furthermore, the spicy smoke of Cypriol oil decreases congestion, puts the mind at peace, and calms the nervous system. When used correctly, it gives a tranquil feeling. Its major health benefits include the following:

  • Improves digestion and stomach health
  • Clears the lungs and improves breathing
  • Helps combat diabetes
  • Keeps the skin radiant and young
  • Makes an individual look fresher
  • Nourishes the hair
  • Calms the mind
  • Relieves spasm
  • Eradicates toxins from the body
  • Treats rheumatism symptoms

Though the Cypriol oil may not have got its due in the aroma healing world, however, in prehistoric period, women in India used to perfume their clothes with Cypriol oil. Cypriol oil has a strong presence in the perfume industry and is one of the well-known oils.

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